Values: How Do We Get There?







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1. Service: To encourage and provide a culture of client service within our department by refining service delivery and meeting students where they are to facilitate professional growth and development.
2. Enthusiasm: To actively serve our campus community with excitement and an invested interest in facilitating connections from campus to career.
3. Teamwork: To act as a cohesive Career Development unit in the interests of engaging, advocating, and serving students, alumni, and the UWM community.
4. Respect: To create an atmosphere of awareness, support, and inclusion to nurture an invested and caring office and campus environment.
5. Knowledge: To assist our clientele with self-discovery, learning, and skill development in preparation for life-long learning and professional development.
6. Creativity: To serve students where they are by transcending traditional ideas and approaches to create meaningful new ideas, practices, and delivery methods based in theory and grounded in application.

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